PRESS RELEASE: ASOP EU gains official “Observer” status at the Medicrime Convention Committee of the Parties

At the 4th plenary session of the Medicrime Committee of the Parties (CoP) the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (ASOP EU) was voted in and now has official status as an Observer within this important and growing group of countries that have ratified the MEDICRIME Convention treaty. This followed a comprehensive application submission combined with an intervention at the plenary meeting on May 26th 2021 from which the vote was taken.

ASOP EU joins four other NGOs: OPALSPSIBrazzavillefoundation and IFPMA.

The Medicrime Convention under the guidance of the Council of Europe constitutes for the first time a binding international instrument in the criminal law field on counterfeiting of medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health. 

Mike Isles Executive Director of ASOP EU said “we have been working hard to gain this acceptance and it was the fact that we demonstrated the achievement of many concrete and collaborative actions to combat falsified medicines that we were accepted as an Observer in this important multi-country convention to fight falsified medicines and we look forward very much to contributing to the many initiatives that need establishing within this convention”

There are currently 18 countries who have ratified this Treaty and many more who are about to sign.