Articles from August 2007

Woman dies from fake sleeping pills 

Late last year, a 57-year old American woman ordered a package of sleeping pills from an online pharmacy based in Eastern Europe. However, what she thought was a generic form ofa sleeping pill was actually a lethal counterfeit. She died from a heart arrhythmia a few days after Christmas. (20 August 2007,

Malaria drugs recalled in Kenya 

The Chinese pharmaceutical firm Holley-Cotec Pharmaceuticals will recall thousands of anti-malarial drugs supplied to Kenya after discovering a counterfeit syndicate. Holley-Cotec’s vice-president said 20,000 doses of Duo-cotecxin will be removed from sale. An analysis of the counterfeit product showed it had very low active ingredients – meaning thatpatients taking it would not be protected. (17 August 2007,