ASOP EU highlights the need for greater collaboration at the EFPIA Health & Growth meeting Lyon 4-6 June 2014

Mike Isles Executive Director addressed the issues of the rising crime of illegal online rogue medicine sellers at the recently held pan European meeting convened by EFPIA – the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations at the Lyon Congress centre. Highlighting recent consumer research it he made it clear that the public needed to be better informed. The activities of ASOP EU will certainly help this but it will require global, regional and local initiatives to raise the level of awareness to an effective level. Of particular concern was that of over 5000 people surveyed across 5 countries conducted by happycurious for Sanofi in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and England found that while  a majority (66%) have heard of drug counterfeiting, respondents seem to have little information on the issue of counterfeit medicines and 77% say they have not been adequately informed or are ignorant on the subject. Mike Isles “We all have our work cut out to support initiatives that help raise public awareness and the Fight the Fake campaign and a new internet based educational initiative to take place in Italy shortly are both good steps in the right direction”.

Mike Isles at the EFPIA Health & Growth meeting:

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 © EFPIA (Landen Loeckx)
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© EFPIA (Landen Loeckx)

If you are interested in the ASOP EU presentation given at the EFPIA Health and Growth meeting please contact Mike Isles:

Mobile +44 7540 462867