When is a Medicine Not a Medicine?

When is a medicine not a medicine? It isn’t a trick question, but a very real one.  It should only have one answer. “When it is prescribed and dispensed with only the best interests of the patient in mind, and with the patient fully informed and involved in the decision-making process.”

That isn’t an ideal, but the very least a patient deserves.  This campaign examines what can happen when other factors enter the equation.  For example, when money clouds the issue.  Or when regulatory vagaries or loopholes exist.  This takes the EAASM into a new area of campaigning; it emphasises the importance of the  “S” in EAASM and reinforces our mission to campaign for patient safety, whenever and wherever it is under threat.

To investigate the extent of the problems raised in the report, the EAASM is collating a database of examples from across Europe. They would like to appeal to anybody who has any information on the problems raised in the report to email mike.isles@eaasm.eu. Any information you provide will remain confidential.