In this section you can read all the latest news about counterfeit and substandard medicines from around Europe and the world.

Canadian and US authorities have joined forces to smash a counterfeit ring, seizing an estimated $6.5 million of fake goods.

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers have just released a new educational video. Entitled "Watch out for false friends", this video stars a genuine pill who explains the danger of fake medicines and their impact on our societies. Read more

Cost before care – what price patient safety?

French Drug Regulator speaks out to highlight risks of therapeutic substitution.

French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, has joined forces with Air France in a novel campaign to help protect holiday-makers

EAASM stages an important conference on the Falsified Medicines Directive – a new piece of EU law that will help stop counterfeiters of medicines in their tracks

ABPI condemns UK medicines shortage EU borders see an increase in fake medicines imports Switzerland see a 75% increase in number of illegal medicines Wellcome Trust actively joins the fight against counterfeit medicines Pseudogenerics: emerging battleground in the illegal medicines trade

Privately owned pharmaceutical trading company found in possession of counterfeit drugs
World Customs Organisation signs declaration to crack down on counterfeits

Counterfeit dapoxetine sold on the Internet contains undisclosed sildenafil
MHRA investigation leads to 6 month prison sentence for sale and supply of fake slimming pills
Counterfeit drugs can be identified in seconds with new technology from Gilden Photonics
Can combating the counterfeits hurt Pharma too?
MHRA seizes £150,000 worth of fake drugs across London and Yorkshire
Fraudulent Tamiflu found for sale on internet

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